What we offer

"There is much more to Wing Chun than just fighting skill."
- Grandmaster Ip Man -

"The Old Wing Chun School" offers the original and holistic way of Wing Chun - As practiced by the Shaolin Chan/Zen Buddhist Nun, Abbess Ng Mui - Encompassing a balanced blend of martial art, internal chi energy flow development and meditation.

Above all, our Wing Chun School follows and cultivates a "Mindset" of inner peace, humility, compassion, respect for the life of all living beings, protection of the environment and nature, care and protection of the weak and the young.

This is the way of The Peaceful Soul Warrior

Anyone can join - regardless of your sex, age, size, race and religion.

We offer tuition to individuals, couples, families, community groups, including after school classes.

"It is difficult for a student to pick a good teacher, but it is more difficult for a teacher to pick a good student."
- Grandmaster Ip Man -

If you wish to join our school of "like minded" practioners, please request a personal interview with Sifu Sebby.
Contact details below.

Monthly fee for a first year student - 2022

"The longer you stay - the less you pay"

At the beginning of next year, 2023, the fees will increase according to the current inflation rate - your monthly fee will not increase with each successive year and will remain as it is for as long as you are a student at our school. And when you reach instructor level, you will no longer be paying any fees and you will, in fact, be earning income for yourself by helping out at the school.

Monthly fee for a beginner student - Group Classes 2022

Individual: R400 per month
Couples: R350 each per month
Families: R350 each per month - Children are free up to 15 years of age.

Private tuition is on offer to any of the above: Please contact Sifu Sebby personally for further details at 076 861 4438.

All About Wing Chun



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Born as Sebastian Victor 1953 in Cape Town, South Africa. After finishing school in 1969, Sebastian soon became caught up in the Hippy, Flower Power movement of the era. Indulging in the activities of his group, such as Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and meditation, along with the study of philosophies of both Buddhism and Daoism fascinated Sebastian.

Whilst participating in a meditation retreat at a centre, Sebastian was introduced to the martial art of Wing Chun by another, who had spent three years learning Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Ip Man Wing Chun School, Nathan Road, Hong Kong.

Here, Sebastian learned the first three hand forms of Wing Chun and spent many hours practicing Chi Sau - a practice to develope sensitivity of touch and chi energy flow in the arms.


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